Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about the LaTeX Project Tolaso Network offers. Here you will find more information about the services we offer as they were revised on Sunday December 10 , 2017 by the Tolaso Network.

1. In what language are the documents written?

The documents are written in the European languages mostly in English. We also support Italian, Spanish and Greek. We do not support Indo - European languages such as Hindi, Persian, Russian etc.

2. How much do you charge per project?

The cost of a project depends on the magnitude of the project. You are billed per page. Under normal conditions ( meaning no heavy custom work and a reasonable amount of pages ) this cost is 1€ per page. If pages are above 100 and less or equal to 150 then the cost is 0.80€ per page. If pages exceed 150 and are less or equal to 200 the final cost is 0.60€ per page.

Figues, tables and images are billed extra. Easy figures are charged 1€ . More complicated ones are charged 2€ . Tables are charged a minimum of 0.2€

If your project , however , is included of a number of pages that is less than 10, then you are billed 3 to 5 € per page. The charge depends on the amount of pages you have.

2.1. Could you give me an example of a charge?

Sure. Suppose you have submitted us a document of 120 pages with 5 figures of medium difficult. Then your charge is

0.8* 120 + 5 * 2 = 96+10 = 106€

2.2. I am not satisfied with the final output. Do I get a refund?

No, you do not. As we have stated before we will work side by side to achieve the best result, that is the result you want. If however you change your mind and you are not satisfied with the final output we will not refund you for the following reasons: We really apologise if this does not meet your anticipations.

2.3 Do I pay in advance or after getting my project delivered?

You shall pay us in advance stating the exact reason of payment. After cross checking all data we will deliver the project to you as soon as possible.

3. What tools do you use to typeset the documents?

The main LaTeX distribution we are using is TeX Live. Our distribution is updated regularly. Currently, Tolaso Network is running TeX Live 2017. The main TeX editor we are using is TeX Studio which is a powerful TeX editor with advanced capabilities.

4. Does Tolaso Network cooperate with individual human beings to speed up typesetting?

Yes, it does. Tolaso Network cooperates with individual human beings that are expert in TeX editing. If Tolaso , himself , is not available for custom work he will redirect you to one of his partners.

5. How many days does it take you to deliver a project?

Depends on the project! If the project is fairly easy then the delivery date shall not take more than 5 working days. On the contrary, if the project is heavily custom it might take up to a month or more.

6. What methods of payment do you currently accept?

Tolaso Network currently accepts money through the National Bank. Other methods , such as Paypal , will be considered in the near future.

7. Who can I contact to get more information?

You contact our entire network directly by clicking on this address. A responder of ours will try to contact you as soon as possible unless it holiday season.

7.1. What is considered holiday season for Tolaso Network?

Holiday season for our entire network are considered the following periods:

7.2. How long does it take a responder to answer?

A responder answers within a few hours. You have to realise that responders are humans with a life of their own. So, you have to be patient to receive a reply.

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